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Double-Hung Windowsdouble hung window installation west palm beach

Double-Hung Windows feature movable top and bottom sashes (or panels) that slide open and close vertically. Both sashes maybe open simultaneously to create a natural convection, allowing cool air to flow in through the bottom and hot air to escape out the top.  Additionally, both sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning of exterior panes.  Similar to the single-hung style, Double-Hung windows also allow for a significant amount of natural light to come into the home and provide a wide opening for maximum ventilation.

Single-Hung Windowssingle hung window installation west palm beach

A Single-Hung Window is a classic style that features a movable bottom sash (or panel) that slides open vertically, while the top sash stays stationary.  The movable bottom sash also tilts inward for easy cleaning of the exterior pane.  Single-Hung Windows allow a significant amount of natural light into the home providing a wide opening offering maximum ventilation.  This traditional window is found in many homes today.

horizontal-rollerHorizontal Roller Windows

A Horizontal Roller is a versatile window with sashes positioned side by side with a slight overlap.  Tracks are built into the top and bottom of the frame to allow the window to be opened and closed horizontally.  Horizontal Rollers offer 2 -and-3-light configurations (where one or two panels may open,) and may feature removable operating panels for easy cleaning.  The Horizontal Roller allows for an uninterrupted vertical view and significant airflow.

Architectural Windowswindow installation west palm beach

Architectural Windows are also known as accent windows and can be used as a stand alone or companion window.  this style of window is fixed (non-operable) and is often installed as a means to let in additional light, complement larger windows, add visual interest or capture a view.  A variety of standard shapes are available including picture, quarter circle, half circle, full circle, fan, squares, oval, elliptical, gothic, eyebrow, pentagon, peak pentagon, arch, trapezoid, triangle, octagon and hexagon.

picture window installation west palm beachPicture Windows

Picture Windows can be used as a stand alone or companion window to add visual interest or capture a view.  These windows are fixed (non-operable0 and typically let in the maximum amount of light, as they tend to be the largest window installed.  Picture Windows are often complemented by an architectural-style window above or casement, single-hung or double hung windows on each side.  Picture Windows may also come in a variety of shapes as square, rectangle, half round, quarter round, circle, oval, elliptical, octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, eyebrow, triangle and peak pentagon.  The bottom windows in this picture are an example of Picture Windows.

Casement Windowscasement window installation west palm beach

Casement Windows offer a sophisticated design with maximum ventilation and uninterrupted vertical views.  This single-panel window is hinged on the right or left-hand side and can be opened by turning a handle. When opened, the panel swings outward (similar to a door) to allow air in.

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